Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spend Winter Break Reading!

Did you know that reading for pleasure is one of the biggest predictors of success in school?  Here are some of its benefits:

·        Reading is relaxing and fun.

·         Readers effortlessly improve their vocabulary and comprehension.

·         Reading stimulates imagination.

·         Reading expands the mind by teaching about different cultures, different walks of life, different personality types, and useful information.

·         Reading for pleasure consistently improves test scores.

·         Reading on a regular basis improves writing and spelling.

·         Practice is the only way to become an excellent reader.

How to find compelling books:

·        Read more books by a favorite author

·        Read series books

·        Get recommendations from friends

·        Choose books based on your interests

·        If the book turns out to not hold your interest, stop reading it and try another

Some students are too busy to read for pleasure during the school year; but this year, many of us have two or more weeks off for winter break.  What a great time to become absorbed in a novel, biography, or sports book!  Many of us will be traveling during the holidays. Bring books or e-readers with you and listen to recorded books as a family.

Make a New Year's Resolution to prioritize reading in your family. On average, make a goal for family members to spend more time reading than watching TV. You can read electronically, articles as well as books, but you might want to limit the texting, which mostly improves your thumb flexibility and little else.


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