Friday, May 2, 2014

Shopping For Knowledge!

Well, finally, the gorgeous spring weather seems to want to stick around.  School will continue for seven more weeks, and I’m sure the kids are counting.  If you’re like me, you worry about what will happen to your kids’ brains during the 2 ½ months of summer while they enjoy their well deserved break from school.

Keep in mind that learning is a continuous process.  I’m not in school, but I learn every day by reading the newspaper and novels.  Many people enjoy mind games and brain training games, like those found on Hopefully, many of us will have the chance to take our children to local museums and historical sites this summer.

Learning and brain exercises of some kind should never take too much of a break. With that in mind, I wrote an article for The Washington Parent called A Field Trip to the Grocery Store, which you can view here:

Happy Learning!


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