Thursday, June 26, 2014

More About the Benefits of Summer Tutoring!

Deciding how your children should spend their summer can be tricky. While some kids love going to a variety of camps and daytime activities, many others find themselves bored and glued to video games or hours of TV. Whatever their schedule, studies have shown that it is common for students to lose 1-3 months of learning during the summer months. Learning Loss is no joke, especially for students who are prone to be unmotivated during the school year. Finding a summer tutor for your child can not only bridge the gap between the school years, but also keep him busy and learning during a time when boredom is always lurking.

Here are just a few ways that working with a tutor this summer can help your child:

·         A tutor can help build confidence. If there is one or more subjects that a student has found particularly difficult, working with a tutor can allow him to catch up and even get a jump on new material before the school year begins. This approach will help your child start the next school year feeling confident and in control.

·         A tutor will encourage your child to read. Reading for pleasure is always beneficial for your child’s academic progress. The good thing about summertime is that she can choose to read whatever she wants. Discussing books with a tutor and even writing short essays or studying new vocabulary will keep your child learning and stimulated throughout the summer.

·         Adjusting to school will be easier. If you child has spent her vacation reading, learning, and reviewing with a tutor, getting back into the swing of things once school  officially starts will be easier than ever.

·         Summer is a great time to prep for the SATs and ACTs. If you have a high-school student who is preparing for college, meeting with a tutor to prepare for the SATs or the ACTs can help him get focused and ready. Students will have the leisure to prepare at their own pace, without the added pressure of additional schoolwork.

·         Close the gap. Are there areas that your child is weaker in than others? Math and writing are two of the biggest problem subjects for students of all ages. Instead of putting learning issues on the back burner during the summer, hiring a tutor can allow you to take an active role in bridging the learning gap for your child. Don’t wait for September to address problems! This will also reduce any anxiety your student might have about the upcoming school year.

At Tutoring for Success, we know that your summers are busy; family vacations, play dates, and camp schedules can make it difficult to plan for anything else. That’s why our tutors are flexible and willing to work with you and your child when planning sessions. Don’t let Learning Loss get the best of your family! Plan for the school year while enjoying your summer, and avoid stress, anxiety, and frustration when September finally rolls around.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Tutoring

At this time of year, students are typically exhausted and the prospect of doing academic work in the summer is not appealing. This is absolutely understandable. However, summer brain drain is real, and summer review, particularly in math and science, can give your children a boost for the upcoming school year. In addition, it is imperative to fit in some reading and writing. 

Here are my recommendations for keeping minds sharp this summer:
  • Take a break when school ends for some much needed brain relaxation.
  • Talk with your children about academic areas that may need a boost. Set up some review time, with or without a tutor, during some free slots in your summer.
  • Read for pleasure.
  • For high school students, do some practice SATs and ACTs.

Summer tutoring can actually be inspiring and motivational. We hope to hear from you! - (703) 390-9220