Friday, September 25, 2015

5 Apps to Get Your Student Organized

We hope the school year is off to a good start for your children.  If your family is at all like mine, the first few weeks of school carry a great deal of transition and challenges.  Many students find that they need help with organizing, time management, study skills, or some tough academic subjects.
To help your children be organized, here are some popular apps that also sync with your computer and other devices:

My homework (free)

Last year USA Today ranked this app as one of the "Best Back to School Apps". It helps organize assignments and due dates and has a user friendly calendar to prioritize, track, and color code assignments. On the calendar you can also see anything that is due that day. If you're on a budget or this is your first time trying an organization-focused app then this would be a great one to try.
istudiez pro ($2.99) 
This app helps organize schedules and prioritize homework. You can also receive push notifications before assignments are due. It has 5 main functions; Overview, Assignments, Planner, Instructors, and Holidays. Students can include course schedules, plan study sessions, and prioritize assignments based on importance, among other uses. The app can also help students keep tabs on their academic progress by tracking their grades. Plus, this app can easily sync with all of your devices.
Evernote (free)
Take notes, track tasks, and save things you find online. You can also set up a notebook for every subject. It has a function that allows you to make multimedia notes with pictures and audio. 
Evernote is a place to record and save all your thoughts, notes, and photos. Everything you do can be synced to the cloud so that you can get to all of it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It's a very popular app that is continuously being updated with new features.
AudioNote ($4.99)
Audio note combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. You can syncs audio with notes. This app is especially useful if your student has something quick that he or she needs to remember but doesn't have time to type it. You can also free-hand draw an image on the screen, which can be useful for jotting down diagrams and pictures.
Google Calendar
My family loves Google Calendar! My daughters have their own calendars and they share them with me so I can help them prepare for upcoming assignments. You can organize your time, color code activities or tasks, repeat events, add notes, and view the calendar in different formats. You can also set up alarms for any upcoming appointments or due dates. Of course it syncs with all of your devices as well.

Of course, if your child prefers pencil and paper, writing down schedules and to-do lists, and writing activities in a planner or on a large desk calendar also work.

As we all know, being organized saves time and increases productivity, so don't put off this important task.

One more thing! We have a wonderful selection of tutors and academic coaches to help your children if needed. If they do need help, it is best to get it sooner rather than later, when they may be even more overwhelmed or fall behind. Call us today at 703-390-9220 or email me directly at and we can get you matched with a qualified and experienced tutor in your home today!


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