Thursday, May 26, 2016

Finishing the school year strong!

With summer break just around the corner, many of us find it difficult to keep our focus strong while approaching the end of the school year. Motivation is dwindling as the thought of school free days get closer and closer. It is possible to regain focus and motivation to achieve the desired success in school we all hope for. Here is a guide to finish the school year out strong!

Get organized!
Make a Schedule of Important Dates for the remainder of the school year including test days, project due dates, and end of the year social functions.

Spend time outside!
Take advantage of the sunny 70 degree days by completing homework assignments and studying for tests outside.

Avoid Cramming
Study in Intervals. Research shows that studying in intervals provides better long-term retention, ultimately leading to higher test results. Study in 30 and 50 minute segments with breaks of 5-10 minutes in between.

Communicate With Teachers
Teachers are most effective when they have the full support and backing of parents, and this time of year is even more critical to have that cooperation. Keep the lines of communication open and be involved whenever you can as a parent.

Diminish Distractions
Put your cell phone in “Do not Disturb Mode”. Study in different locations. Eat snacks to stay energized. Take frequent breaks.

Start planning your summer
If you have something to look forward to upon completion of the school year, by starting to plan your summer you are giving yourself something to work towards.

Use your resources
One of the best ways to prepare for final exams is to work with a tutor to prepare. Tutors can help you identify areas you need help with and create a personalized plan based of your academic ability to prepare.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hoda Kotb's 10 life lessons for grads

Last weekend there were college graduations and celebrations all over the country.  I was at my niece’s graduation at Tulane University, where I was fortunate to experience one of my favorite speeches ever, by Hoda Kotb from the Today Show.  Her inspiring speech gave us ten valuable pieces of advice for college grads or anybody…

You don’t want to miss this.  Click here to see the speech for yourself.