Friday, July 22, 2016

Surviving through the Last Month of Summer

Surviving through the Last Month of Summer

Most of us have spent plenty of time traveling, relaxing, swimming, and hanging out this summer.  Don’t forget to balance summer fun with a bit of reading and review for school in order to start the new school year well prepared.

·         Establish Routines – If your kids are like some kids I know, a day without structure equals a day lounging and playing phone games.  Add some structure to your days with schedules, allowing time for exercise (hopefully swimming in this heat wave), life skills like cooking, trips to local attractions, and time for reading and academics.           

·         Don’t  over-plan – Many children don’t get enough down time during the school year.  Allowing time to pursue interests like art and music, hang with friends, and just chill, is important and necessary.

·         Go Outside – Don’t let TV be an all day baby-sitter.  Summer weather is fabulous, and even on hot days, you can enjoy an evening bike ride, swim, or walk.

·         Create Bored Jar – Have your children write down all the fun things they’d like to do on slips of paper. Fold up those things and put them in empty jar. When you find yourselves with a free day, have your child pull out of the jar randomly to see what slip suggestion you get.

·         Take Occasional Trips – Trips can range from museums, Mount Vernon, and Arlington Cemetery to water parks and beaches.  Take some time off to explore on a regular basis to create fabulous summer memories.

·         Remember to Read – As an avid reader, I was always in the middle of a gripping novel and still am.  Summer allows the time to read even more, preferably page turners.  Everyone should pick out their own books of choice.  It doesn’t matter if the books are junky, silly, or too easy.  Any kind of reading will improve vocabulary, spelling, fluency, and writing skills.

·         Get Ready for the School Year – Three months is a long time to ignore academics altogether.  It is a great time to review math, practice writing, and spend time to prepare for the SAT and ACT.  And don’t forget those summer assignments! 

·         Get a Summer Tutor – To help focus on a plan of action, get a tutor this summer to help build up weak areas, review for standardized tests, and give an extra push to maximize readiness to learn this Fall.  Call us any time for free phone consultation and to match you with a tutor – 703-390-9220


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